Welcome to our home – an off-grid cabin surrounded by beautiful nature.

The cabin is named “Is Civilizacijos i gamta” which can be translated as an ultimate escape from the civilization. The idea to build an off-grid was born hiking the Camino de Santiago. We were surrounded by nature all the time and it was a so relaxing. We wanted create a space to feel this again and also to share it with others. Decision to build an off-grid cabin was made deliberately. We know how important it is to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with yourself.

This cabin was built entirely by our family members where each of us had our own responsibilities. Any questions we hade, we always made decisions together. Even now when the cabin is already build and we welcome our guests all the family is still involved in supervising it. We are happy that we found this perfect balance and made our off-grid cabin comfortable and with most modern amenities.

We believe that joy can be found in small things – cooking on a campfire, birds singing around, and sometimes allowing ourselves to escape from civilization into a little wild adventure. If these little things delight you too – we kindly invite you to our cabin in the woods.